27 July 2021

Councillor Briefing and Workshop Session Meeting NO. 2021(11)]



Councillor Briefing and Workshop Session Meeting NO. 2021(11)


27 July 2021



ATTENDANCE:                        Councillors Teresa Harding (Mayor), Sheila Ireland, Jacob Madsen, Andrew Fechner, Kate Kunzelmann, Marnie Doyle and Nicole Jonic (Deputy Mayor)

APOLOGIES:                            Councillor Russell Milligan


OFFICERS’ ATTENDANCE:       Sonia Cooper (Acting Chief Executive Officer), Tony Dileo (Manager, Infrastructure Strategy), Berto Santana (Team Lead, Transport and Traffic), Peter Tabulo (General Manager Planning and Regulatory Services), Sean Madigan (Acting General Manager Infrastructure and Environment), Ben Pole (General Manager Community, Cultural and Economic Development), Sam Chandler (Manager, Libraries and Customer Services), Matt Pascoe (Content and Experience Manager), Cheryl Pye (Libraries and Customer Service Operations Manager), Gail Seeney (Library Branch Services Manager), Brett Davey (Waste and Circular Economy Transformation Manager)


EXTERNAL ATTENDANCE:       Dan Johnson (Deputy Regional Director – TMR Metro), Kathryn Mahony (Program Manager Warrego Highway – TMR Toowoomba), Brendan Morgan (Project Manager Warrego Highway Masterplan – TMR Toowoomba), Mark Smith (CEO Waste and Recycling Industry Queensland WRIQ), Richard Taylor (Board member of WRIQ and Senior Staff Member of JJ Richards)





Officers’ Reports – briefing session matters


1.           Department of Transport and Main Roads Warrego Highway East - Master Plan updated

This is a report concerning the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) Warrego Highway East master plan – Ipswich to Toowoomba.  TMR Officers will provide a presentation to Council on the master plan. 




Mayor Teresa Harding thanked representatives from Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) for attending the meeting of the Karalee Community Centre and listening to the concerns of residents. Mayor Harding asked what else could be done for residents. TMR advised that the early warning system in place at the Mt Crosby roundabout only activates when a queue is starting to form and that TMR will be looking to see if they can use some of the other offramps to alert residents of congestion.


Mayor Harding queried if there were any plans to create another road in. TMR advised that they are currently investigating high level concepts with a consultancy firm and will come back to the community with these concepts once finalised. TMR also advised that ground conditions are a major concern with one of the issues faced with the Mt Crosby interchange being the underground mining and mine shafts of less than 20 metres below the surface in some areas as well as significant power mains.


Councillor Ireland queried how long before there would be some certainty at the Haigslea Intersection. TMR advised that they were developing the business case for Amberley/Cunningham Highway intersection and will be consulting later this year on the different options.


Links provided below to TMR’s websites includes maps and background on the following:


Western Ipswich Bypass




Moggill Pocket Arterial Road / Moggill-Warrego Highway Connection





2.           Library Services and Programming

This briefing session will provide an overview of the products, services and facilities which make up the Ipswich Libraries current offering.

It is an opportunity to provide information to the Mayor and Councillors to assist with their strategic thinking in relation to Ipswich Libraries.



·         Manager, Libraries and Customer Services to provide information on how other LGAs compare to the Industry Minimum Standards as context.



3.           Draft Ipswich Libraries Strategy 2021-2026

The draft Library Strategy 2021 – 2026 has been prepared in detail by an external consultant and is scheduled to be discussed at the Councillor Briefing Session on the 27th July 2021. 



·         Continue with options for relocating the Library Logistics Hub and returning Redbank Plains Library to full service.

·         Keep Councillors advised of lease arrangements for Redbank Plaza Library.

·         Consider long term options for Springfield, Redbank and Ripley catchments.

·         Ensure coordination with the developing Social Infrastructure Plan.

·         Councillors present agreed on the continuation of the signature library model.


1.    Draft Ipswich Library Strategy Presentation  




4.           Briefing on planned Waste and Recycling Industry and DES workshop on Waste Code of Practice - Waste and Circular Economy Transformation Directive

This session is to discuss the means of progressing the Waste Code of Practice, being a component of the Waste and Circular Economy Transformation Directive.  The attendees for this briefing include internal staff, with a presentation from external attendees.


5.           Robelle Domain Stage 3

The intent of the workshop is to allow Council to come to an agreed position for the vision of Stage 3 of Robelle Domain.

The options are in summary:

a.    The continuation of parkland as an ornamental water garden area, with terraces gardens/cascades pathways and other parkland features and embellishments, or

b.    A creekline corridor that still provides pathways and other parkland features and embellishments, but not with the ornamental water garden components.

A presentation has been provided to guide Council’s discussion.

This paper provides some relevant background information.




·         That the General Manager Planning and Regulatory Services prepare the costings for a sustainable park option for discussion at a further workshop to be scheduled.

·         That the Manager, Infrastructure Strategy prepare a paper in relation to the prioritised parks listing to assist councillors to understand why Robelle Domain Stage 3 was not included on this priority listing and to reconsider other priority parks for which external funding sources could be advocated.

·         That this matter be listed for discussion at the next Executive Leadership Team meeting in relation to organising a further briefing on the matter at the 7 September councillor briefing/workshop.




1.    Presentation - Robelle Domain Stage 3  




The meeting commenced at 11.11 am.

The meeting closed at 4.16 pm.