25 May 2021

Councillor Briefing and Workshop Session Meeting NO. 2021(09)]



Councillor Briefing and Workshop Session Meeting NO. 2021(09)


25 May 2021



ATTENDANCE:                                      Members Teresa Harding (Mayor); Councillors Jacob Madsen, Sheila Ireland, Paul Tully, Andrew Fechner, Kate Kunzelmann, Russell Milligan and Nicole Jonic (Deputy Mayor)

APOLOGIES:                                          Councillor Marnie Doyle

OFFICERS’ ATTENDANCE:                     Acting Chief Executive Officer (Sonia Cooper), General Manager Planning and Regulatory Services (Peter Tabulo), Waste and Circular Transformation Manager (Brett Davey), Chief of Staff (Melissa Fitzgerald), Acting General Manager Infrastructure and Environment (Sean Madigan), Acting General Manager Corporate Services (Jeff Keech), Acting General Manager Coordination and Performance (Barbara Dart), General Manager Community, Cultural and Economic Development (Ben Pole), Manager Development Planning (Anthony Bowles), Manager Environment and Sustainability (Kaye Cavanagh), Natural Environment and Land Manager (Phil Smith), Team Leader (Strategic Catchment and Conservation Planning)(Tim Shields), Deputy General Counsel (Allison Ferres-MacDonald), Solicitor (Simon Wall), Manager Compliance (Alisha Connaughton), Acting Animal Management Operations Manager (Haiden Taylor), Team Leader (Environment and Sustainability Education and Awareness)(Stephani Macarthur), Development Assessment East Manager (Tim Foote), Acting Engagement Manager (Melanie Rippon), Coordinator Major Projects and Advocacy (Dan Heenan) and Manager Communications and Engagement (Laura Bos)


EXTERNAL ATTENDANCE:                   Dean Wanless (Wanless Waste Management), Peter Otoole (General Manager - Wanless Waste Management), Jim Soorley (Project Manager – working for Wanless Waste Management) and Kylie Rolley-Cervenjak (Urbis)




Jim Soorley declared that he is a consultant/Project Manager for this development application, and that he is not a lobbyist for this activity.





Officers’ Reports

Deputy Mayor Nicole Jonic, Councillor Madsen and Milligan were not present at commencement of the meeting.


1.           External Briefing - Proposed Wanless Waste and Recycling Facility (Willowbank / Ebenezer)

This is an external presentation of a proposal by Wanless for Development Application 10674/19.  This is a proposed waste facility located behind the motorsport precinct in Willowbank / Ebenezer.  Location plans are in the attachments.



Councillors queried the community consultation process and what type of questions were asked.  Wanless to provide this information, including the consultation demographic area to the Mayor and Councillors, along with the name of the firm who undertook the consultation.  Wanless to also provide the Mayor and Councillors a summary of meetings held with State Members.


Councillors also queried the time of the restrictions on entering and leaving the site, as well as what works Wanless are planning on undertaking to Champions Way.  Wanless to provide the Mayor and Councillors the suggested times of entering and exiting the site, as well as figures for works for Champions Way.



2.           Natural Environment Policy

The following report concerns development of Council’s Natural Environment Policy. An overview of the process and policy has been provided via a presentation (Attachment 1).

The purpose of the policy is to reinforce Council’s commitment to the natural environment by setting out principles to support good long term and balanced decision making that takes into consideration natural values, economic viability and social wellbeing. It will also provide a point of organisational truth and direction in terms of Council’s position on the Natural Environment. 

The development of a policy to date has involved extensive consultation with the local community, key external and internal stakeholders. The process reflects best practice approaches to local government policy development.


1.    1. Presentation - Natural Environment Policy  

2.    2. Natural Environment Policy  

3.    3. Natural Environment Policy - Background Paper  

4.    4. Natural Environment Policy - Community Engagement Report  

5.    5. Draft Natural Environment Policy Discussion Paper  

6.    6. Natural Environment Policy - Summary Report   


3.           ICC Environmental Offsets Policy Development

Council requires a corporate Environmental Offsets Policy to guide assessment and decision making in relation to the use of environmental offsets in line with both the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 and Environmental Offsets Act 2014.  A draft policy has been created (Attachment A) which is proposed to sit alongside the Biodiversity Offsets Planning Scheme Policy (PSP) currently in draft.  These are intended to set principles for good offset management for Council.


1.    1. Presentation - ICC Environmental Offsets Policy Development   


4.           Human Rights Act update

This briefing session explains the introduction of a new mandatory human rights section in the committee report template in Infocouncil.


5.           Biosecurity Program Overview

This briefing session will provide an overview of the Biosecurity Program, including a summary of the relevant legislation, strategic documents and operational priorities.


1.    1. Presentation - Biosecurity Management  

2.    2. City of Ipswich Biosecurity Plan 2018-2023   


6.           Sports Precinct Naming Workshop - Northern Sportsfields, Springfield Central

Options for naming have been previously discussed with the Council in Briefing Sessions. 

For clarity, there are three (3) functional naming opportunities for this facility:

1.   Precinct-wide name – Corporate and Gazettal

There are to be two (2) names for the precinct – a corporate name (to be selected by Lions and consented to by Council in accordance with the existing heads of agreement), and a formal gazetted name for the park (to be selected by Council in consultation with the Lions).  Think Suncorp Stadium (corporate) versus Lang Park (gazetted).

2.   Corporate Name - RESOLVED

The corporate name was discussed in a session on the 20th of April 2021 and has been finalised using ‘Brighton Homes’, excluding the use of the word ‘park’.

3.   Gazettal Name

As part of the development approval, the Lions were asked to suggest gazettal names for the open space, however Council will now make that decision.

In respect to item, 2 (above), a commercial trading name has been selected by mutual agreement of the Brisbane Lions and Council being ‘Brighton Homes’.  The name explicitly excluded the use of the language of ‘park’ to ensure that ‘park’ was available for use in the gazetted name.

There are now some remaining issues to resolve.

A.   Is there to be a single precinct wide gazetted name for the adjacent facilities or two (2) separate names (being for 22A and 22B)?  Options discussed below

B.   What is the gazetted name for the precinct? – Options discussed below



A discussion was held on the naming of the sports precinct for the northern sportsfields in Springfield Central. 


Councillors discussed a proposal for the following names:


Either Springfield or Springfield Central as the prefix followed by one of the following:



Sport Precinct




A report to be presented to the Council Ordinary Meeting of 24 June 2021 for consideration.


1.    1. Location Plan - Northern Sportsfields  

2.    2. Location Plan - Southern Sports fields and Northern Sports fields  

3.    3. Concept Plans - Northern Sports fields  

4.    4. Approved Site Plan - Northern Sports fields   


7.           PRS External Committee Representation and Purpose

This report seeks to clarify the purpose and composition of a number of Groups that have historically been supported by the Planning & Regulatory Services Department, namely:

·    Friends of the Cemeteries

·    Ipswich Heritage and Monuments Advisory Committee (HMAC)

·    Springfield Community Facilities Advisory Board

·    Springfield Town Centre Infrastructure Advisory Board

It is considered that the matters associated with the historical aspects of Ipswich Cemeteries can be accommodated by the HMAC and therefore the Friend of the Cemeteries can be discontinued.

The HMAC is supported to continue with a slight change in responsibility.

While the Boards relating to the development of Springfield are to be re-activated, their composition is proposed to be administration based, with Councillors being observers.




Councillors discussed the various external committees outlined above and provided support for establishing the Ipswich Heritage and Monuments Advisory Committee. It was agreed that the other options required further discussion.


8.           Community Engagement/CRGs

This workshop will be held over two (2) sessions to explore ways of engaging with the community and takes into consideration existing channels, that is, Community Reference Groups (CRGs) and Community Consultative Committees (CCCs).

“The attachment/s to this report are confidential in accordance with section 254J(1)(i) of the Local Government Regulation 2012.”



Councillors were presented with the spectrum of engagement tool, consideration of existing channels and timeframes eg Community Reference Groups; Shape Your Ipswich, and will look to discuss options for coming years at the next workshop on 1 June 2021.




The Acting Engagement Manager to provide councillors with the inaugural meeting date of the current community reference groups.




The meeting commenced at 9.01 am.


Councillor Milligan arrived at the meeting at 9.05 am.


Councillor Madsen arrived at the meeting at 9.09 am.

Councillor Madsen left the meeting at 10.15 am.

The meeting adjourned at 12.22 pm.

The meeting reconvened at 1.23 pm.

Deputy Mayor Jonic arrived at the meeting at 1.23 pm.

The meeting closed at 3.38 pm.